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Basil Hyman

Basil Hyman,  author  of the Havana archive, The G-Plan revolution, Lost Photos and Photographs found

Basil was born in 1936 and developed a keen interest in photography at a young age, his first ever photograph was of a tram, which was number 29 and is now the inspiration for this website.

Basil's first book was called"The G-Plan revolution" and brought together two great interests in Basil's life, photography and furniture. As a young man, Basil took over his grandfather's furniture business, but always maintained his passion for photography.

Over the years he amassed a large collection of photographs that were organised and stored by his wife Jane who many years later presented the photos back to him, Basil realised that his photographs represented a history of everyday Britain from the 1950's and 1960's and this became the inspiration for his books, The Lost Album and Photographs Found.